Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Trends Unveiled at Dwell on Design 2011

June 25, 2011 - Los Angeles Convention Center

Editor-in-Chief of LA Design magazine, Allan Dellatorre, revealed the top 20 interior design trends for this year at the Dwell on Design Convention in Los Angeles this month.  These trends fell into the following categories:  color, culture, home, kitchen and bath.
Okay, so none of the the following color trends come as a huge surprise, in fact many of them have been around for a while (which may mean they are on their way out).  However, what has become common of today’s trends, as a result of a struggling economy, is that they tend to stick around a little longer--and with lingering variations--as customers remain within their consumer comfort zone.
Brown has been in the color forecasts for interiors since 2008 and grey, coral and aqua have featured prominently from 2009-2010 in Pantone’s Color Reports for Fashion and Home with Turquoise (really teal) winning Color of the Year in 2010 and Honeysuckle (just another shade of Coral) earning the same honor in 2011.  Also important to note, is that interior color trends tend to last much longer than fashion color trends (which go from runway to clearance bin within about two years).  Interior trends, on the other hand, which at one time lasted 10-15 years, now move in 5- to 7-year spans.
1.        Aqua/Teal
2.       Browns
3.       Corals/Jewel Tones
       4.       Honeysuckle 
       5.       Grays/Neutrals 

6.    African Influence
        7.    Moroccan Style

Not only does fashion influence interior color; there’s also a clear correlation between recent “tribal” and “ethnic” fashion trends that are now lending themselves to interior style.  Moroccan-inspired designs hit the runways in spring 2009, and the trend was featured prominently in popular fashion magazines the following year.  This ethnic influence blazed the trail for tribal style, and thus, we see the following cultural influences in interior trends today.

If there is one positive outcome of the negative economic situation, it’s that people have started spending more time at home, particularly entertaining in the home (not to mention divorce rates also declined significantly during the recent recession).  With this renewed emphasis on home and hearth, the kitchen returns as the center of the American home.  Unlike their medieval Old World counterparts, most modern American homes were never designed with separate, detached kitchen spaces for cooks, servants, peasants, and the like.  So for Americans, the kitchen has traditionally been the hub of the hustle and bustle of family life and the epicenter of entertaining in the home.  

And because, as social history demonstrates, trends often move in opposite directions at once, as American homes return to tradition and family values, they also blaze forward into the future (infinity, and beyond) with digital technology.
8.       Kitchen as the Heart of the American Home
9.    Kitchen and Bath Go Digital!

10.   Monitors Everywhere! (Here’s Lookin’ at You—Literally!)
        11.   Socially Sustainable Kitchens (Accessibility for All Ages)   
       12.   Integrated Kitchen Sinks (“Everything But the Kitchen Sink” No Longer Applies)                             
        13.   Concealed Appliances (Bye Bye, Stainless Steel!)

14.   Sustainable Cabinetry (Long Live Mother Earth)
15.   Thinner Countertops (1-cm Thickness)
16.   Universal Bath Design (Accessibility is Key)
17.   Live-In Spa (Home Becomes a Retreat)
18.   Self-Powering Faucets (Lean, Mean & Green!)
       19.   Digital “Smart” Toilets (Not Just for Commercial Spaces Anymore) 
       20.   Digital & LED Shower Systems (Light & Aroma Shower Therapy) 

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