Monday, January 10, 2011

EXTREME Bedroom Makeover - AFTER


For around $1,500 this bedroom was TRANSFORMED in only four short weeks from CLUTTER to CALM. Without a built-in closet, storage was the primary functional design issue. So to de-clutter the room and provide ample storage, I added a large armoire, dresser, nightstand and a storage unit that doubles as a "faux" window seat. Staying within budget meant only purchasing new furniture items that were absolutely necessary, so the bed and the desk remained intact, but new bedding, curtains, accessories and a fresh coat of paint gave the room new life. The goal was to create a calm and peaceful environment for a young, sports-marketing professional by day, and MBA graduate student by night, to both relax study and unwind. Since the client’s personal and professional life revolves around sports, I thought it only fitting to incorporate his favorite team and alma matter, as well as other sports-related accessories and memorabilia. Talk about “Apartment Therapy”—this extreme bedroom makeover is soothing to the eyes, soul, and pocketbook!

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