Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Blog?

So you may be asking, if you have an Interior Design business and a blog related to that business, why don’t you choose to simply blog about products, furniture and other interior-related items? Why bother blogging about beauty and inspiration and nature, if what you are focusing on is interiors? I have asked myself the same question, and the answer is, well, there are plenty of great blogs about design and color and fashion. But for me, design starts with inspiration and passion, so that’s what I want my blog to address, the foundation of my creative font--inspiration, which is inextricably linked to passion and sensitivity to the world around you. Sometimes this inspiration is tangible, experienced through the palpable, physical world, and sometimes my inspiration is intangible, experienced through the metaphysical, spiritual, and emotional world of the soul.

Beauty can be found everywhere, particularly in seemingly unlikely places: the deep-set wrinkles in the kind faces of old men and women, a broken fence, a chipped mug, weathered painted surfaces or rusted metal. Sometimes life’s imperfections are not only photogenic icons, but valuable sources of learning, and yes, inspiration. I cannot count the times a “mistake” has turned a project from mundane to masterpiece. And my goal is not only to capture the beauty in these imperfections, but the beauty in the lesson.

I also look to Mother Nature to teach me valuable lessons about beauty, design, and life. When it comes to design, Mother Nature always gets it right. One glance outside your window will reveal cleverly concocted combinations of Tetrad, Triad, Analogous and Complementary color schemes. When I’m in desperate need of inspiration, I take a walk outside. You will be amazed at the things you will notice, if you take the time to look. The world takes on an ethereal and delicate complexity when seen through the lens of color, pattern, light and shadow. And that is the world of design I want to introduce you to. I want you to take a peek through the looking glass and see the world as an artist, designer, writer, and creative being, always seeking inspiration as the primary fuel of life.

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