Friday, September 3, 2010

Oval Office No Longer "Square"

The President's Oval Office recently got a make-over. Check out its fresh, new look:

Though I like the neutral casual comfort, I think the sofas are a poor choice. They appear to be velvet, and both the fabrication and style is far too informal for the Commander-In-Chief. The new rug is gorgeous. However, the decades-old desk looks like an archaic hand-me-down, out of place in its posh new surroundings. With the neutral color palette, the modern makeover is visually light and uplifting, but the traditional antiques weigh it down considerably as they appear heavy (especially in contrast to the new, modern coffee table). On its own, the coffee table is a beautiful, well-proportioned piece, but when taking in the room as a whole, appears a little out of place. I would have stayed in transitional waters when trying to bring a modern edge to a deeply traditional space. This would allot the historic pieces the dignity and respect they deserve, rather than be outshined by the snazzy, modern new digs.